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A perfect sunny day in the country to test the skills of our young and more experienced drivers was the right venue for the second 2014 driving event for the Toronto Section. Frank and Mary Alice Cozza and Ernie Fancy Director North East Region and Bonnie Fancy came to Toronto to sample some Canadian hospitality, food and to share their Defensive Driving skills with the more seasoned drivers. Miss Lauren Howe, second runner up for the Miss Universe Canada pageant joined us in the afternoon to talk to the young drivers about their driving experience in the SD-SF program.

The weekend started on Friday night with a magnificent buffet at The Wok of Fame restaurant. Early on Saturday morning, the set up and cone arrangement got the event started off on time. Cones and Pizza were donated by local manufacturers.

The Safe Drivers-Safe Families event had a dual purpose to also train the new Regional Instructors by Doug Dees, Dr. Jim Roberts, chair of the National Driving Committee and Harald von Langsdorff. Both groups went through the classroom demonstration on proper seating, technical inspection of their cars, followed by the driving clinic.

Collision avoidance and the slalom maneuvers completed the activities before lunch followed by figure eights and the grand finale of the autocross which was the highlight for all 43 participants.

The Safe Drivers-Safe Families group who met in the afternoon was debriefed by Lauren Howe on what they learned today and what suggestions the students had to improve the course.

Our resident Film producer Christopher Dew added by his camera crew of Gunter Barkowsky and John Osbourne did the filming and editing for the websites.

The new accredited Regional Instructors are:

Christopher Dew

  • Norbert Egli
  • Ernie Fancy
  • John Geist
  • Michael Hoegl
  • Joyce Hughes
  • Richard Kunst
  • Mariela Castano
  • Harald von Langsdorff
  • Peter Spitzer

Timing for the auto cross resulted in the following adult winners.

  1. Michael Hoegl
  2. Peter Spitzer
  3. Richard Kunst

Hoegl Parking Challenge Adults

  1. Jim Brindle
  2. Annette Hoegl
  3. Larry Henry

Hoegl Parking challenge Youth

  1. Kelsey Baird
  2. Carter Rock
  3. Shannon Hughes

Young Drivers Autocross

  1. Kelsey Baird
    • Taylor Baird
    • Alexander Alexopoulos

The afternoon ended with gifts from Mercedes-Benz Canada for participants who travelled to Toronto as well as prizes for the winners of the autocross. Certificates were given to the successful drivers and Regional Instructors.

To celebrate the event we retired to Harald’s house in the country to have fine wine, German beer, cheese, chili and butternut chicken on the patio overlooking his private pond.

Many thanks to the attendees and new instructors for a great event.

Doug Dees

President MBCAEF