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About Us

The Mercedes-Benz Club of America Educational Foundation was organized as a not for profit entity in 1992 by the largest Mercedes-Benz enthusiast organization in the world — the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) with the goal to share the rich history and heritage of the Mercedes-Benz automobile through education and preservation. Members of our organization donate their time and expertise to work with historians, collectors, enthusiasts and dealerships to gather historical artifacts and seek to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

At the Educational Foundation we recognize that Mercedes-Benz has a reputation to lead the evolution of the automobile. Since 1885 engineers have been focused on innovating the finest cars in the world with luxury, performance and safety in mind. While preserving history is important, our organization’s focus is two fold.

Each year world wide too many drivers fall victim to injuries and death on the world’s roadways. A high percentage of these drivers are new and teen drivers. “Safe Drivers, Safe Families” is an initiative launched by the Educational Foundation to help educate teen drivers using classroom instruction and closed course practical application of vital defensive driving tactics.

These educational workshops are held multiple times a year in the United States and Canada. Upon successful completion of the driving curriculum the driver receives a Mercedes-Benz Club of America Educational Foundation certificate. Our driving coaches have decades of safe driving experience and training. The coaches are volunteers and possess a selfless need to help change the driving habits of young drivers.

Our commitment to education and preservation ensures that the Mercedes-Benz will continue to lead the way in safety and innovation.