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The MBCA Educational Foundation has launched the Safe Drivers, Safe Families program. The overall objective of the program is to provide teens with a basic set of fundamental skills and attitudes on which they can develop all the knowledge, experience, and techniques of a competent safe driver.

We recognize that there is only a limited amount of skill or knowledge that can be taught or absorbed in one day, even combined with some study of written materials. Consequently we are focusing on presenting a limited number of basic skills and providing the students with the opportunity to experience them while driving their own automobiles in a closed-course supervised situation.

The skills to be taught in the driving clinic are:

  • How to make sure the vehicle is mechanically sound and safe to drive.
  • How to set the seats and mirrors and position the head and hands of the driver for maximum control of the vehicle.
  • How to accelerate, steer, and stop the vehicle in extreme situations.
  • How to steer with the eyes and continuously scan and evaluate the driving environment in order to drive smoothly and safely.
  • How to develop a set of attitudes that will enable the driver to anticipate circumstances that will require response and determine the proper response for the circumstances.

In July of 2011, Lauren Howe won the title of Miss Teen Canada-World. She then represented Canada at the Teen World Competition where she placed fourth runner up and won the Congeniality Award.

Lauren has first handedly seen the devastating implications that occur from a lack of safe driving skills. She wants to stress the importance of both these skills and the necessity to stay focused behind the wheel, as it only takes a brief moment to change the course of one’s life.

Lauren Howe is an outgoing, nineteen year old from Toronto who is currently a second year engineering student at the University of Toronto. She graduated from high school with 95% average and along with her diploma she received a UCAPE diploma, Global Leadership Diploma, the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the highest average in her class for Calculus and Vectors. She is bilingual in French and English and is currently trying to expand her current knowledge of Mandarin. She also holds her General Insurance License for Ontario. In her spare time, she loves to act, run, kick box and play Volleyball. Field Hockey is a passion of her as she was captain of her High School team, a member of the McGill Varsity Team and played for Team Ontario.
Passionate about volunteerism, she has previously been actively involved in volunteering with adults and children with Intellectual Disabilities as well as events to support various organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Free The Children and Dignitas International. She was also a part of the team called “Help Haiti” who raised funds for Earthquake relief in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. In November of the same year, she won the Title of Miss Teen Ontario-World where she chose a platform to help reduce hunger and homelessness in local communities through the reuse of perfectly good food that is typically thrown in the garbage.

Lauren is extremely passionate about traveling, especially when it comes to visiting unique places of the world and the discovering the extreme diversity between lifestyles. This led her to become involved with International Service Projects including construction projects in Peru, Ghana and India.

In July of 2011, she won the title of Miss Teen Canada-World. She then represented Canada at the Teen World Competition where she placed fourth runner up and won the Congeniality Award.