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  • A perfect sunny day in the suburbs to test the skills of young as well as more experienced drivers was the right backdrop for the first 2013 driving event of the Toronto Section. Well known instructors Frank and Mary Alice Cozza, Paul Bailey and Terry Kiwala traveled from the United States to Toronto, Canada to sample some Canadian hospitality, food and to share their Defensive Driving skills with our group. Roy Kuck in his 1994 300E cabriolet and his grandson Zack Davis also joined us from New York State.The weekend started on Saturday night with a magnificent buffet at the WokofFame restaurant. Early Sunday morning, the set up and cone arrangement got the event started off on time.The Safe Drivers – Safe Families event was coached by Doug Dees, Norbert Egli, Lauren Howe and Harald von Langsdorff.
  • Toronto – February 14, 2013 – Today the MBCA, Toronto-Section Announces – Safer Driving Offered Through Mercedes-Benz Club of America! It only takes a split second for an accident to happen. You and your family will know alternatives in an emergency situation to help avoid accidents, by taking the defensive driving course offered by the Mercedes Benz Club of America Toronto Section this Spring. It is knowing what your car can do and knowing what you can do with your car, which makes the difference! You can’t stop as fast as you can avoid, and the best accident is the accident you avoid. Buy another second or two in an emergency. It may save your life!
  • Lauren Howe at StarFest 2012, MBCA Educational Foundation: Safe Driving, Save Families Driving Video:
  • Q: Good Morning Lauren, regarding your experience with the program… was there anything you learned about your car and the driving situations that you are more comfortable in, now that you have had some practice in accident avoidance?
  • The MBCA Educational Foundation has launched the Safe Drivers, Safe Families program. The overall objective of the program is to provide teens with a basic set of fundamental skills and attitudes on which they can develop all the knowledge, experience, and techniques of a competent safe driver.We recognize that there is only a limited amount of skill or knowledge that can be taught or absorbed in one day, even combined with some study of written materials. Consequently we are focusing on presenting a limited number of basic skills and providing the students with the opportunity to experience them while driving their own automobiles in a closed-course supervised situation.The skills to be taught in the driving clinic are: